Rabu, 09 Januari 2013

time now

is it bad that when i talk to you i get so happy that i cry?
talk about your weird people....
is it bad that late at night, when i cant sleep i look at our pictures, and read our letters?
remembering how easy it was to write pages of my love for you.
is it bad that i think about us being together?
its only all the time...
how things are so different now, and how i wish you were part of my different world
i have changed...i changed for you...
i hope you are still the same.
its christmas time now...
it makes me think of our christmas together.
also a good memory.
or our late nights talking on the phone, till one of us fell asleep.
i remember sneaking calls to you late at night in the summer...
i was in Florida, walking along the cool beach, talking about everything under the sun.
i remember when you sang to me...it was so beautiful

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