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When the Soul Bleeds

When the Soul Bleeds

Today‘s Truth
[Jesus said] “Daughter, your faith has healed you. Go in peace and be freed from your suffering” (Mark 5:31-34 NIV).

Friend to Friend
When we read the story of Jesus healing the woman who had been bleeding for twelve years, it is hard for us twenty-first century women to imagine such a condition lasting for so long. Medical science has progressed far beyond the rudimentary knowledge of Jesus’ day. It is simply unthinkable today.

But I suggest there are still many women with chronic bleeding of a different sort. We bleed from the heart. 
From the time Sarah was six-years-old, her father crept into her bedroom in the dark of night and violated her little body. Now, as an adult, her heart bleeds.

When Beth was walking to her dorm room from the college library, a lurker jumped from behind the bushes, dragged her to a nearby shed and raped her at knife-point. Now, ten years later, her heart bleeds.

After twenty-years of marriage, Lucy accidentally stumbled upon an in-town hotel receipt in her husband’s wallet. Suspecting the worse, she uncovered past e-mails, supposed meetings that never occurred and a trail of deceit. When presented with the evidence, her husband admitted to having a three-year long affair. And her heart bleeds.           

Laura was laid off from her job and her mother’s words re-emerge like sewage leakage from an underground septic tank. “You’re no good. You’ll never amount to anything. You’re a loser just like your father.” And because of the lies, her heart bleeds.

Melissa holds her newborn little girl in her arms and coos her to sleep. Interrupting the sweetness of the wee hours of the morning, she hears her aborted child crying from the grave. Guilt presses down as the ever-present weight deflates her joy. And her heart bleeds.

Women - hoping the pain will go away. Awakening each day with a memory that cuts a fresh wound. Women-longing to hear the words, “Go in peace and be freed from your suffering.”

The woman with the issue of blood was no different from you and me. While her apparent illness was physical, her inward suffering ruled her life. She had lost her family, all her money, and her standing in the community. She was viewed as an unclean, untouchable outcast. But in one radical moment, one momentous decision, she reached out to Jesus and grabbed hold of her healing.

He wants to set you free from your suffering, but he will not push you out of the jail cell or yank the chains off your neck. He unlocks the door, but you must walk out the door. He unlocks the chain, but you must stop wearing them around your neck.

We can choose to bleed. We can choose to remain in our suffering and pick at the scabs of the past. But hear me dear friend, it is a choice. Jesus said, “I have come that they might have life and have it to the full” (John 10:10). That’s what he wants for each of us. But we have to embrace the truth and, like the woman with the twelve-year-bleeding, reach for our healing.

In John, chapter five, Jesus encounters a lame man sitting by a pool of water where the paralyzed, blind, and afflicted gathered. Then Jesus walked up to him and asked a strange question, “Do you want to get well?” (John 5:6b).

Perhaps it wasn’t such a strange question. Many times we get used to being emotionally sick, and we wear the sickness like a shroud. We become walking wounded, picking at emotional scabs – not allowing them to heal.

Jesus said to the woman, “Daughter, your faith has healed you. Go in peace and be freed from your suffering.”  That is the same healing he offers to you and to me. What will you do?

Let’s Pray
Dear God, I am sick and tired of being sick and tired. I reach forward today, touch the hem of Your garment, and receive my healing. Yes, I want to get well. Give me the faith to walk in freedom and victory.
In Jesus’ Name,

Now It’s Your Turn
Is there pain in your life that you have refused to let go of? 

Do you want to get well?

That is a risky question. It took a lot for the man who had been lying by the pool to get up off that pallet. He had to learn how to walk, get a job, and learn to live like a healthy person. That’s a big change after 38 years. But you can do it!  You can let go of the past and begin to live in victory and freedom!  Let’s start today!

If you are ready to reach out to Jesus and grab a hold of your healing, log onto and say, “I’m grabbing hold.”

Today’s devotion was taken from my book, What God Really Thinks about Women: Finding Your Significance through the Women Jesus Encountered. We tend to read the gospels with our twenty-first century eyes. But when we understand how oppressive the culture Jesus stepped into was against women, we begin to understand just how radical Jesus’ ministry, messages, and miracles were at setting women free. He risked His reputation to save theirs…and yours. 

I am so passionate about this book, if you order it this week (the week the devotion is dated), and send me an email, I’ll send you the Bible study guide for free. Email me at and say, I’m a GiG and I ordered What God Really Thinks about Women this week.

If you are ready to reach out to Jesus and grab a hold of your healing, click over to my blog page and leave a comment that says, “I’m grabbing hold.”

More from the Girlfriends
Want to learn more about how to be free from your past suffering and walk in victory? How to stop the bleeding of your soul and use your past pain for present purpose? Then you’ll want to read my book, Your Scars are Beautiful to God: Finding peace and purpose in the hurts of your past.

Girlfriends in God
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Heroes - The Gospel According To Rahab 

Part 3 

Pastor Stephen LeBlanc

To listen to Part 1 Go Here

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Lovely Bay

Obedience Brings Blessing

Obedience Brings Blessing
Pastor Adrian Rogers

“Obey My voice, and I will be your God, and ye shall be my people: and walk ye in all the ways that I have commanded you, that it may be well unto you.” - Jeremiah 7:23

In 2 Kings 5:10, we read that God chose to heal Naaman, who was a leper, in a very unique way. God told Elisha to tell Naaman to wash seven times in the Jordan and he would be healed.

Why seven times? Why not eight or five times? Because the number seven is the number of perfection in the Bible. One is the number of unity. Two is the number of witness. Three is the number of deity. Four is the earth number. Six is the number of man.

When God told Naaman to dip seven times, He was saying, “If you want Me to bless you, not only must you obey, you must obey perfectly.”

If you want God’s blessing upon your life, you cannot just obey in part, you must obey perfectly. What wife wants a husband who is 85 percent faithful to her?


Sweet and Savory Ice Cream Recipes



Every so often a dessert comes into your life and you think: This is my favorite. That is how I feel about this ice cream.



Vegan Coconut Green Tea Ice Cream

Vanilla Avocado Banana Ice Cream

 Creamier than Ben & Jerry's and it's vegan.  No ice cream maker required.

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wish i was at hayride

Pressing On + Beth Moore: Jesus 24/7

Bayless Conley

In Philippians 3:12, Paul says,

Not that I have already attained, or am already perfected; but I press on, that I may lay hold of that for which Christ Jesus has also laid hold of me.

Paul's challenge in this verse is for you and me to press on, to keep growing.  I believe one of the greatest assets in life that you and I have is the capacity to grow and change.  We have the capacity to press on.
One of the first steps in pressing on is to realize that you have not yet arrived.  Even the apostle Paul acknowledged and recognized that he had not yet arrived.  He said, Not that I have already attained, or am already perfected.

Paul understood that he had a lot of room for growth.  And if he did, so do we.

If you have grown stagnant in your spiritual life, you need to ask the question, "Why?"  Why is your spiritual life stunted?  Why are you not growing?  Why are you stymied in your spiritual progress?  What are your barriers to growth?

I believe that if we are willing to admit that we need to grow, then identify the barriers that are keeping a lid on our spiritual lives, and finally, by the grace of God, deal with those barriers and remove them, we will begin to press on and grow.

If you were to take a catfish and put it in a small fish tank, that fish would only grow to be 12 inches long and it might weigh a quarter of a pound.  But if you took that identical catfish and placed it into a lake, it might grow to be three feet long and weigh 60 pounds.

What was the barrier to its growth?  The tank kept it contained.  It grew to the limit that the environment allowed.

Remove the barriers to your spiritual growth and press on!

Visit the Answers with Bayless Conley website for more ways to Connect with God

Beth Moore: Jesus  24/7

Arm Candy: No Sugar Required!

Arm Candy: No Sugar Required! 

Yes please!

DIY Stackable Arm Candy Bracelet Tutorial 

There may be some trends you don’t want to jump on the bandwagon with, but arm candy is one trend that you’ll fall victim to. Playing with shapes, styles and colors is what will add the fun and flavor to your arm candy. To keep the accessorizing a fashion “do,” make sure you follow a few simple tricks...

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hot rod girl

Zucchini: Baked, Fried and Grilled Recipes

This delicious bacon and zucchini quiche recipe is courtesy of Elisabeth Prueitt.

This recipe tastes best at room temperature, so prep it and stow it for a bit in a picnic basket or on the counter.

No-boil noodles save time because you don't have to boil them; they soften as they absorb the liquid from other ingredients.

Tasty Kitchen: Zucchini Ribbon and Ricotta Pizza

This pizza is out-of-the-ordinary and it sure does wow! 
It’s light, fresh and tastes great. Perfect for a light meal.

At the end of the summer, Granny always had plenty of zucchini hanging on the vines in her garden. She would serve these fritters hot, but I like to prepare them ahead and offer them room temperature for a late morning brunch.

Zucchini has a hard texture, which works to its advantage here – the fries do not become soft and soggy, they maintain a firm shell, while the coating on the top gives it a crispy covering. Cheese gives it a warm gooey coating, and seasoning adds an element of flavor. Quick, easy, healthy and delicious – you don’t find such foods easily, so hang on to this recipe!

These pickles make a great accompaniment to the famous Zuni Hamburgers served at the Zuni Cafe in San Francisco. 

Grilled Zucchini Salad

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Listening to God In the Little Things

Listening to God in the Little Things
Sharon Jaynes

Today’s Truth

“He wakens me morning by morning, wakens my ear to listen like one being taught. The Sovereign LORD has opened my ears, and I have not been rebellious; I have not drawn back” (Isaiah 50:4-5 NIV).

Friend to Friend

One of my favorite devotion books My Utmost for His Highest by Oswald Chambers.  On October tenth, he wrote, “All God’s revelations are sealed until they are opened to us by obedience. You will never get them open them through philosophy or thinking.  But once you obey, a flash of light comes immediately. ...Obey God in the thing He shows you, and instantly the next thing is opened up…God will never reveal more truth about himself until you have obeyed what you already know.”

We must never fall into the trap of thinking that God will always give us “big” things to do.  Jesus…took a towel and …began to wash the disciples’ feet…” (John 13:3-5). Through his act of servant leadership, he demonstrated the obedience we should have on a daily basis in the mundane activities of everyday life. Yes, he raised the dead, but he also washed the feet

One evening Steve and I were on our way to dinner. Just before we arrived, I saw three teenage girls walking into another restaurant in the same area where we were going to eat.  One of the girls had been in a small group I had led for two years. I felt God nudging me to go into the restaurant and pay for their dinners.

“Steve, there’s Christine,” I said. “I believe God wants me to pay for those girls’ dinners.”
Steve, being a man who listens to God, whipped the car around and headed toward the door.
“Hi girls,” I said as I walked up to them in line.

“Hi  Mrs. Jaynes. What are you doing here?”          

“May I take your order?” the cashier interrupted.

“Go ahead girls,” I urged. “You go first.”

Each girl ordered and then the cashier turned to me.  “And you ma’am.

“Oh, I’m not having anything. I just came in to pay for these girls’ dinners.”

The threesome were very surprised and very appreciative. I ran back out to our car, feeling a warm sense of listening and obeying.

The next day, Christine called. “Mrs. Jaynes,” she said “thank you so much for paying for our dinners last night. My friends were so touched. No one has ever done anything like that for any of us before. See, last night, they wanted to go out to dinner, but I told them I couldn’t afford it.  So they were going to pay for mine. Then you came in and well…thanks.

Obeying God only cost me $19.95, but the lesson to Christine, and her two friends was invaluable. Jesus said, “Give and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you” (Luke 6:38).           

Obeying God begins with heeding the simply nudges. Don’t be afraid! Many people are afraid to obey those nudges because they aren’t absolutely sure it is God’s voice. I’ve decided that if the inner prompting lines up with Scripture and is consistent with God’s character and ways, then I’d rather err on the side of obedience that the side of caution.

 “We all have those times when there are no flashes of light and no apparent thrill to life, where we experience nothing but the daily routine with its common everyday tasks….Don’t always expect God to give you His thrilling moments, but learn to live in those common times of the drudgery of life by the power of God….I must realize that my obedience even in the smallest detail of life has all the omnipotent power of the grace of God behind it” (O. Chambers June 15). 

“If I obey Jesus Christ in the seemingly random circumstances of life, they become pinholes through which I see the face of God” (O. Chambers November 2).

My prayer is that I will be able to say like the prophet Isaiah, “He wakens me morning by morning, wakens my ear to listen like one being taught. The Sovereign LORD has opened my ears, and I have not been rebellious; I have not drawn back” (Isaiah 50:4-5).

Let’s Pray

Dear Lord, I’m listening. Speak to me. Nudge me. I will not be rebellious. I will not draw back.In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Now It’s Your Turn

Today, I encourage you to pay attention to any way that God might be nudging you to be His hands and feet. 

Then join me on my blog page, look for this devotion’s entry, and tell me what happened. I can hardly wait. Don’t feel uncomfortable telling me. Don’t feel like you’re tooting your own horn. I just want to toot my party horn in celebration of your obedience!

More from the Girlfriends

One of my greatest passions is to become a woman who listens to God. If you would like to sharpen your God-listening skills, check out my book, Becoming a Woman who Listens to God.It is not a matter of whether or not God speaks. It is a matter of whether or not we will listen. 

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nice rear

You Are More Important Than This Number


If you want major fat burn in a fun 
10 min routine, well hey hey, click that play button!

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                                                           Spread the sweatfest!

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Could This Be The Year?

Could This Be The Year?
by Grant Phillips of Rapture Ready

It has been said that animals have a sixth sense we humans do not possess. Have you ever watched them just prior to a storm?  Watch the birds, for example. They act differently, don't they?  

Our neighbor across the street has a fairly large dog that stays outside. They, too, can easily tell if a storm is coming because the dog will whine at the door until they let him in the house.

A storm, of sorts, appears to be on the horizon for this earth. Something is about to happen. Many go about their merry way as if nothing is going to happen or things are going to get better but for those of us who live in the real world, there is an uneasiness that can't be explained.

The Middle East is a powder keg waiting to go off at any time. The Muslim Brotherhood continues to envelop its veil of darkness over falling regimes, replacing dictators with something even worse. Iran is straining at the leash to "wipe Israel off the map." Israel stands guard, hoping they don't wait too long to deter Iran's immediate desire. Like a wolf after its prey, Russia inches ever closer to Israel's backyard, longing for their newly discovered black gold. China longingly looks in the same direction sniffing the wind.

The world-wide economy is like a balloon about to burst. Economists are scratching their heads wondering why the United States has not already imploded, and certain that it is only a matter of time until it does. Even though Obama says "the private sector is doing fine," the common man knows better. 

Depravity is so widespread it makes one dizzy to behold the effect it is having upon the populace. Homosexuality is having an unbelievable success rate of acceptance, even by church groups. Half the population is living together in sin without the benefit of marriage. Violent, sadistic murders are increasing at an alarming speed. Lying and theft are commonplace.

From Europe, to England, to the United States, where some of the most loyal of God's followers preached and wrote in years gone by, God has been cleaned and sanitized from the public mind. He has been booted out of the schools, the public forum, and even the military. The name of Jesus, the Son of God, has been mocked, vilified, cursed and spat upon, and now His followers, in a once-Christian country, are starting to feel the heat.

In this country, there are no longer any statesmen. We only have politicians -- men and women who couldn't tell the truth if their lives depended upon it. Sadly, there remain far too many who will believe a lie, and so we continue to die as a country. The United States of America, the greatest country this earth has ever beheld, is dying, primarily because of greed.

England once reigned upon the earth in such a way that the sun never set upon her empire, but no more. We now follow her lead.

Capitalizing upon people's plight, wolves have taken over the pulpits of many churches, preaching a get-rich-quick scheme called the prosperity gospel, falsely using the Holy Word of God to fleece the poor and feed their rich appetites. Their putrid faces are often seen on the television and heard on the radio. They post their poison on the Internet and draw in unsuspecting dupes, while the book stores sell their books, making them even richer.

Few seem to have a conscience anymore, and those who do are worried at what they are seeing, worried for the future of their children and grandchildren, because they can see no future worth living.

Could this be the year of our Lord's return? I'm speaking as a Christian, not as a Tribulation saint. Therefore, I am referring to the removal of the Church via an event known as the Rapture.

Before I frighten off those who think I may be getting dangerously close to setting a date for the Rapture by insinuating that it may be this year, take a deep breath and calm down. No one is privy to that information but God. However, God has provided signs for us to read, signs for the Tribulation that follows the Rapture of the Church.

Just as Jesus expected Israel to read the signs of His first coming, He expects us to read the signs of His return. There are two events that must take place before He returns, the Rapture and the Tribulation, in that order. All signs point to the Tribulation. The greatest sign that the Tribulation has begun will be the Rapture. There are no signs for the Rapture. It will happen without warning, in the blink of an eye. There is nothing, absolutely nothing, that needs to be done to trigger the Rapture, except one thing -- God the Father will give the nod to the Son to go for His Bride. Could this be the year?

Whether humans do or do not have a sixth sense as do animals, something is clearly working on the psyche of many of us. It is being felt by too many people to be ignored. Something major is about to happen. Even though the majority may not realize it or care, thousands can sense an impending doom, a storm on the horizon.

It's easy to tell when a bad storm is on the way. The temperature changes. A slight breeze starts to rustle among the leaves of the trees. The clouds begin to darken as they roll toward us overhead. In the distance, a sound of thunder, then lightning is seen far off. A drizzle turns into a downpour. The storm is here. The thunder is deafening. The lightning is dangerous. Hopefully, we have already taken shelter.

While dark clouds of judgment begin to form over the earth, the storm is taking shape. The sound of thunder is faintly heard in the distance and gets louder as it draws closer and closer. All the signs of an approaching storm are here. Have you taken shelter?

Source: Rapture Ready

Rapture Ready Index - A Gauge of the end times (Jul 23)

The Dark Time


Psalm 112


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A Taste of Summer

From grilled shrimp to fish sandwiches, these seafood dinner ideas are tasty and easy enough to make on a weeknight.

Beautiful Blog!

Every family has a salad that is trotted out at all gatherings. It may be a favorite, or maybe someone thought it was a favorite and it’s been on the menu ever since...

Once assembled, this strawberry dessert tastes like a delicious ice cream cake!

Ina's Asian Grilled Salmon

Ina's Asian grilled salmon is the perfect light, quick main course. 
This video is part of Barefoot Contessa show hosted by Ina Garten 

Don't Give Up! Overcome

Don't Give Up!
Sharon Jaynes

Today’s Truth
“I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith” - (2 Timothy 4:7 NIV).

Friend to Friend
It was the first swim meet of the year for our newly formed Middle School Aquatics team. The atmosphere on the three hour bus ride was electric with anticipation as the band of forty-eight adolescents thought of nothing but victory. However, the electricity turned into shock as our minnows filed off the bus and stared in disbelief at their muscle clad, Neptune-like opponents. 

The coach checked the schedule. “Surely there’s been a mistake,” he thought. But the schedule only confirmed that, yes, this was the right place and the right time.

The two teams formed a line on the side of the pool. Whistles blew, races were begun, and races were lost. Halfway through the meet, Coach Huey realized that he had no participants for one of the events.

“OK team, who wants to swim the 500 yard free style?” the coach asked.

Several hands shot up, including Justin’s. “I’ll race coach!”

The coach looked down at the freckle faced youth and said, “Justin, this race is twenty lengths of the pool. 
I’ve only seen you swim eight.”

“Oh, I can do it coach. Let me try. What’s twelve more laps.”

The coach reluctantly conceded. “After all,” he thought, “It’s not the winning but the trying that builds character.”

The whistle blew and the opponents torpedoed through the water and finished the race in a mere four minutes and fifty seconds. The winners gathered on the sidelines to socialize while our group struggled to finish. After four more long minutes, the last exhausted members of our team emerged from the water. The last except for Justin.

Justin was stealing breaths as his hands slapped against the water and pushed it aside to propel his thin body forward. It appeared that he would go under at any minute, yet something seemed to keep pushing him onward.

“Why doesn’t the coach stop this child?” the parents whispered among themselves. “He looks like he’s about to drown and the race was won four minutes ago.”

But what the parents did not realize was that the real race, the race of a boy becoming a man, was just beginning.

The coach walked over to the young swimmer, knelt down and quietly spoke.
Relieved parents thought, “Oh, he’s finally going to pull that boy out before he kills himself.”
But to their surprise, the coach rose from the concrete, stepped back from the pool’s edge, and the young man continued to swim.

One teammate, inspired by his brave friend, went to the side of the pool and walked the lane as Justin pressed on. “Come on Justin, you can do it!  You can do it! Keep going! Don’t give up!”

He was joined by another, then another, until the entire team was walking the length of the pool rooting for and encouraging their fellow swimmer to finish the race set before him.

The opposing team saw what was happening and joined the chant. The students’ contagious chorus sent a chill through the room and soon the once concerned parents were on their feet cheering, shouting, and praying. The room was pulsating with energy and excitement as teammates and opponents alike pumped courage into one small swimmer.

Twelve long minutes after the starting whistle had blown, an exhausted, but smiling, Justin Rigsbee swam his final lap and struggled to pull himself out of the pool. The crowd had applauded the first swimmer, as he crossed the line, first place. But they gave Justin the greater cheer, for finishing the race. 

In 2 Timothy 4:7, Paul writes, “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith” (NIV). On some days, when the swimming or running grows difficult – on those days when I want to quit, I long for friends and family who will walk the course with me cheering me on.  “Come on Sharon, you can do it!”  “Don’t give up!  You’re almost there!”

But there are days when I look around and there seems to be no one there to cheer me on. That’s when I need to look a bit closer, listen a bit more intently, and hear the still small voice of my Heavenly Father. He’s always there to pick me up when I fall, hold me when I cry, hug me when I’m feeling alone, cheer for me when I’m victorious, and love me when I’m just me. And He’s there for you too.

Our Heavenly Parent is cheering for you, my friend. He’s saying, “Keep going!  Don’t give up! You are precious to Me! You’re not alone! You can do it!”

Today, feel God’s embrace and listen closely as He speaks to your heart. I think I hear Him now…

Let’s Pray

Dear Heavenly Father, sometimes I feel like I’m not going to make it. Thank You for friends that come alongside me and cheer me on when I feel like I’m about to go under. Most of all, thank You for always being with me and cheering me on in the great race of life. I love You!
In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Now It’s Your Turn

Can you identify with Justin?  Have you ever felt like you have bitten off more than you can chew?

What helps you most in times like these?

Can you think of a friend who is struggling today who might need a word of encouragement?  You might be just the person God has chosen you to cheer her own. Why not give her a call, shoot her an e-mail, or write her a note of cheer.

Let’s honor a person who has been an encourager to you. Click over to my blog page,find today’s devo/blog, and leave the name of one person who has encouraged you in the comment box. Then tell her about it!

More from the Girlfriends

Today’s devotion was taken from my book, Becoming a Woman who Listens to God. Sometimes listening to Him means simply paying attention to the times He whispers just how much He loves you and is for you. If you would like to sharpen your listening-to-God skills, then check out Becoming a Woman who Listens to God. It is not a matter of whether or not He speaks to us. It is a matter of whether or not we will listen.

Seeking God?
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how to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

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Overcome - Jeremy Camp