Senin, 14 Januari 2013

Back to School!

Hey everyone, since Christmas break just finished, I am here to give some ideas on back to school outfits. Normally you are not allowed to wear hats in class, but you can wear them for service trips if your playing with the children. I bought this cap at Harajuku, Tokyo. Throw on some cool sneakers, in the picture of the shoes, I am wearing Converse sneakers while one of my closest friends from high school is wearing Puma high tops.
Combat boots are also great, I got them at Forever 21 while I was in the OC. I am carrying a good qualititied Lesportsac satchel. I also had the backpack.

 Here I am wearing Uniqlo high waisted jeans, Forever 21 graphic tee. Charlotte Russe sleeveless cardigan and a Forever 21 bow headband. If you are looking for affordable cool graphic tees for school, Forever 21 is the place to get them, especially if theres always a sale before school starts.
 If you want to wear skirts to school, be sure it is not too short. A few inches above the knees is a good length. But I wouldn't encourage you to wear these shoes to school, I would suggest to pair this leather skirt with sneakers or studded loafers. Your outfits also can't be too distracting.

Tee- Promod

Leather Skirt-Forever 21


Necklace- M(phosis
                        Thank you to my friend, Alisa for posing with me during our hangout.
                        High Top sneakers-Puma           Low Cut sneakers-Converse outlet, Gilroy, CA
                           This is also a good outfit for school that is not too distracting. Here I am wearing a Forever 21 Blue skirt, Bebe tank top and Aerosoles Leopard flats.
I bought the chiffon hearts top at a bargain mall in Greenhills. I am also wearing a Forever 21 Spikey bracelet and a belt from

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