Senin, 17 Desember 2012


Seven months.  She's She's pulling up on things. She's giggling. She's saying....MAMA!! She wasn't even seven months yet and she stated saying Mama! This is by far the most exciting thing for me because my other two sweet babies said Dada first! I love their Daddy too, and of course he was over the moon about it, meanwhile Mama had wait to hear that sweet word from other my babies! Emmalise is a very gentle little soul. She is such a happy baby and loves watching Jack and Claire. She's in a big hurry to catch up and get into the mix. She is so tiny, she has the most feminine little features, everything about her is girly. One cute thing she's actually been doing for a while is lounging on her side. I guess it started before she started crawling, and she'd kind of teeter on her side. Now she does it all the time and just hangs out.

 We did sleep training with her this month, which is my least favorite part of parenting (maybe after potty training)...but she has done really well.  With Jack we put him into his crib and let him cry around 4 months, with Claire it was 6 months, and Emmy is 7. We have very limited space at the moment and Claire is still in her crib, so Emmalise sleeps in the pack n play in our room, next to me, which makes the whole "cry it out" scenario difficult. Plus, for a while I just would feed her so she didn't wake up the other kids, but after a few nights of being up every hour with her and getting absolutely no sleep at all, I decided it was time....even if it was difficult. The first night she cried for 50 minutes, and then woke up around 4:00 am and cried for about 10 minutes. The next night she only cried for a few minutes then she was asleep! Now she only cries some nights, but only for a few minutes. She wakes up around 5:00 and I feed her and she goes back to sleep till 7 or 8. Pretty good I'd say!

This is her lounge position. She sits like this all the time. It's so cute, and its just her own little thing. 

 Her big brother adores her!

Here are a few of my phone photos from the last month...

playing with Jacky

  Emmy at her last check up!

 Happy Girl!

Bye Bye cradle...we don't want her going overboard!!

 Christmas Baby!

 Blurry loves from Claire and Jacky!

These two are going to be best friends. Claire loves crawling around with her and is always saying, "C'mon Emmy, C'mon!!" 

Jack called her his little "Sugar Cookie Girl"

We love every minute with this tiny girl.

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