Rabu, 07 November 2012


October has come and gone and while the stores are already decking their halls, I'm OK with letting fall rule just a little longer.  I mean, we havent even stuffed ourselves on turkey yet!  Even the Obummer of an election won't hinder my love of all things Autumnal! We had quite an eventful October! 

I love doing art projects with the kids so this was one that was super easy and the kids loved it! Jack is not that into long art projects so I have to make them short and sweet! Claire on the other hand loves doing art! She sits and colors or paints all time! We used our pumpkins we had gotten at Oma's pumpkin patch to paint! 

We also went to another (Yes- another) pumpkin patch called Pumpkin Station! It is one of those mall parking lot patches with the tiny carnival style rides. It was kinda cheesy but the kids had fun- despite both of them being very tired! (One of those days!)

The night before Halloween we carved our pumpkins.  Remember those pumpkins the kids painted? Well dual purpose pumpkins...the paint washed right off and they were ready to be carved! It was great! This year we wanted to do a couple fun pumpkins because usually we stick to just happy jack o lantern faces. I decided I'd do a kitty for Claire's and Sean did Spiderman for Jack's. I also did the happy face, although Sean called it Quasimodo. He was a little wonky... 

 Jack was so funny. This was really his first time carving pumpkins and he thought the guts were so gross! That face is priceless!

This little pumpkin was just so happy in her jumpy!!

The finished products! The Kitty was my personal favorite! Spiderman looked really cool in person but it was harder to photograph the fine detail :-)

And then of course it was Halloween! In the morning we had our friends over to decorate pumpkin and ghost cookies! The boys were mostly interested in eating the cookies (and the frosting by the spoonful) and the girls carefully and methodically decorated and decorated and decorated their cookies! So cute! 

We tried to no avail to get Claire to nap after our friends left. For the last 6 months or so she would transfer pretty well from the car to the couch and sleep for at least a little while.  Lately, that has gone out the window and she just determined she's done napping (muach to my dismay). Plus she really is still so tired and needs a nap. Well I knew we were going to have a hard time if we didnt get going Trick or Treating early, so we headed out around 3:30. We first went to visit all the grandparents and see some of the cuzzies before we actually went door to door.
Captain Hook, Pumpkin, and Tinkerbell!

Daddy and Mimi were the only ones that could her to smile! Poor little thing was just so tired!!

sweet boy!
We ended up back with our friends Trevor and Tayley for some pictures of the Peter Pan crew and a little Trick or Treasuring as Jack called it! He literally would said,
 "Trick or Treasure!" instead of Trick or Treat...

It was so much fun! Although there were several houses whose decorations were a little to scary for our crew. I wish people would just keep it fun for the little kids instead of all the evil, creepy stuff! Oh well!

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