Senin, 29 Oktober 2012

Pumpkins and Apple Pie

Fall is finally in the air and last weekend we welcomed the season with a little jaunt up into the mountains for some pumpkin picking, hay riding, cider making, and apple pie eating!! This is one of my favorite traditions that my husband and I started together.  We "officially" started dating in September 2003, we were juniors in college, and occasionally we would go on what we called, "all-day-dates." We may or may not have ditched class a few times for these all day dates! One of the first all day dates was to Julian! Thinking back now, its almost impossible to remember what it was like just the two of us! And at that time, we were only dreaming about one day having kids to bring up there to enjoy the beauty of the mountains, the antiquity of the little town, and of course, the apple pie!  Flash forward almost 10 years...and here we are; a family of five and still loving our all day dates.  This year we were lucky enough to head up on a nice cold day. {Today, on the other hand, it is 95 degrees- not so conducive to fall activities}. We almost didn't go last weekend because it was raining a little, but I'm so glad we did!
 It ended up being perfect weather for the Pumpkin Patch!

This is our favorite Pumpkin Patch in Julian! So much to do and it was pretty empty the day we were there- thanks to the rain! It was great! We walked around for a little bit and then went up to the Cider House for the apple cider demonstration.

They use an old-fashioned apple press and let the kids (and adults) help put the apples in! Then they let everyone have a little cup full of the fresh-pressed cider!

After the Cider House we went to see the animals! They take the pressed apples and feed them to the goats! Jack and Claire were not super excited about the goats being right in their faces.  I can understand..I'd be nervous too if an animal my size was coming right at me!

After we fed the animals, we went on a the hay ride! Jack got to sit on the tractor, which he thought was awesome!

Then it was time to head down to the pumpkin patch! 

Mama was sad her shoes got muddy :-(

This little girl is a bit camera shy these days! She doesn't like to sit still for very long, so I have to catch her on the move! It was chilly and she was pretty tired too so that didn't  help! But she sure looked cute all bundled up!

This guy on the other hand is finally coming around will stop and smile at me for a picture! I'm pretty sure he's going to conquer the world someday!

 These two are sweet little friends (most of the time). Jack grabbed her hand and said, "C'mon Claire Bear! C'mon"

When we were done at the patch we got a little early dinner at the little local pizza shop called Wynola Pizza! And of course we ended the day with a slice of Julian Apple pie! 

Sweet memories!

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