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Happy Super 4th Birthday Jack!

I can't believe it has already been four years since we brought this little guy home from the hospital! He has been such an incredible blessing and I am really trying to savor the time with him before he has to go to school! It seems like that time is approaching too quickly!!

We had his birthday party a couple weekends ago and we had such a fun time! It was a Super Hero party per his request! I'm a wanna-be I had fun finding cute ideas (thanks pinterest!) and bringing them to life! I made the pinata, and most of the signs and decor too! My MIL sewed the capes and I made the felt initials for the capes and masks for each child! We had a "Super Hero Bootcamp" obstacle course and a little scavenger hunt for the "Caped Cupcake Crusader" who stole the birthday boy's Super Cupcakes! I also tried a couple new recipes that looked cuter than they tasted! But most importantly, Jack loved every second of it. It was so fun to celebrate him with all our friends and family! Thank you to everyone who came to celebrate 

Jack's Super 4th Birthday!!

Dessert table: Super Hero Jello squares, Super Hero lollipops, Pop Rocks, Sugar cookies, Cupcakes & More!
Super Hero Lollipops!

Piñata, cupcake toppers, Drink station with Punch and Cake batter Rice Krispie treats!
The Capes!! Love how these turned out!
The Capes and masks were a huge hit with the little Super Heros! They had so much fun doing the Super Hero bootcamp to earn their Super Capes and Masks! Even the girls loved them! 
{Clearly their whats not to love!!}

Super Hero Bootcamp! Through the tunnel, down the slide, cross the lava pit, and shoot the villains!

After the Super Hero Bootcamp they used their Super Strength to knock the candy out of the Piñata!

Then it was time for Cupcakes....only....they were gone!!!
Instead of cupcakes, they found the whereabouts of the Caped Cupcake Crusader!!

Hello little Superheroes and thanks for the treat! 
These Superhero cupcakes can’t be beat! 
Too bad for you I’m hungry as can be 
I’m the Caped Cupcake Crusader 
and you’ll never find me! 

If you can find me, I’ll lead you to them. 
Then you’ll be superheroes… let the hunt begin! 

Clue #1 

Sometimes at a park, 
always at the beach, 
this stuff gets quite messy 
and sticks to your feet! 

{next clue was in the sandbox}

Clue #2 

You may be Super 
and you may be tough 
But unless you’re a S’more- 
this place is too hot to  touch! 
{next clue was in the fire pit}

Clue #3 

Cupcakes are tasty 
but veggies are too. 
In this place you might find 
a bell pepper or two! 

{next clue was in the garden}

Clue #4 

    On this apparatus you climb up 
                                                                 and slide down 
                                                                 If you look underneath, 
                                                                  The Crusader might be found!

They all ran over to find Jack's 9 year old cousin Jonathan hiding under the slide! The kids loved it! Super Jack was very pleased with their success in finding the Caped Crusader and saving the party!!!

Finally, we sang Happy Birthday and Jack loved his blue cupcake! 

Birthday Boy opening presents!
My boy

Happy Birthday Super Jack !
We love you!!

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