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Lies, Not Truth Has Grown Strong In The Land

Lies, Not Truth Has Grown Strong In The Land

Jeremiah writes in Chapter 8

 18 God, you are my comfort when I am very sad 

       and when I am afraid. 
 19 Listen to the sound of my people. 
       They cry from a faraway land: 
       "Isn't the Lord still in Jerusalem? 
       Isn't Jerusalem's king still there?" 

    But God says, "Why did the people make me angry by worshiping idols, 
       useless foreign idols?" 

 20 And the people say, "Harvest time is over; 
       summer has ended, 
       and we have not been saved." 

 21 Because my people are crushed, I am crushed. 
       I cry loudly and am afraid for them. 
 22 Isn't there balm in the land of Gilead? 
       Isn't there a doctor there? 
    So why aren't the hurts of my people healed?

Jeremiah 9

 1 I wish my head were like a spring of water 

       and my eyes like a fountain of tears! 
    Then I could cry day and night 
       for my people who have been killed.
 2 I wish I had a place in the desert— 
       a house where travelers spend the night— 
    so I could leave my people. 
       I could go away from them, 
    because they are all unfaithful to God; 
       they are all turning against him.

Judah's Failures

 3 "They use their tongues like a bow, 

       shooting lies from their mouths like arrows. 
    Lies, not truth, 
       have grown strong in the land. 
    They go from one evil thing to another. 
       They do not know who I am," says the Lord.
 4 "Watch out for your friends, 
       and don't trust your own relatives, 
    because every relative is a cheater, 
       and every friend tells lies about you.
 5 Everyone lies to his friend, 
       and no one speaks the truth. 
    The people of Judah have taught their tongues to lie. 
       They have become tired from sinning.
 6 Jeremiah, you live in the middle of lies. 
       With their lies the people refuse to know me," says the Lord.

 7 So this is what the Lord All-Powerful says: 

    "I will test the people of Judah as a person tests metal in a fire. 

       I have no other choice, 
       because my people have sinned.
 8 Their tongues are like sharp arrows. 
       Their mouths speak lies. 
    Everyone speaks nicely to his neighbor, 
       but he is secretly planning to attack him.
 9 Shouldn't I punish the people for doing this?" says the Lord
       "Shouldn't I give a nation like this the punishment it deserves?" 

Jeremiah Chapter 9

There Is A Balm In Gilead

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