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Jill Kelley Fiasco Only Gets Worse

This woman really has no idea when it's better to just shut her trap. Yesterday she was reaching out to media through a proxy and today she's back at her emailing in attempts to solicit assistance to repair her ruined reputation. I think we can all assume that the top military brass, the politicians, and every other big shot Jill Kelley is demanding help from has her on ignore at this point.

Kelley is actually screaming to the Tampa Mayor in emails that Paula Broadwell is a criminal and a stalker. I, for one, hope that one day Broadwell sues her lying arse and you all know that I am no fan of the war crowd. I suppose that now I am even less of a fan of their groupies. At least Paula Broadwell is real and she's a woman that made a mistake - no clue if that mistake was love or not, but that's immaterial anyway.

Broadwell is at the very front of the War on Terror, yet I find myself developing a certain level of respect for her. Surprised? You wouldn't be if you actually knew me. Back to Jill Kelley...

Someone needs to disabuse the woman of her strange beliefs in relation to public records in the US and public record laws in Florida, the Sunshine State. Any emails sent to the Mayor of Tampa become a matter of public record and can be obtained by anyone, including me.

All 911 calls are recorded and a matter of public record - records that even I, the lone citizen blogger, can request. All calls to a specific address (like 1005 Bayshore Ave. Tampa, FL 33606 for example) create a record that I could walk in the sheriff's office and request along with each and every report ever created by any dispatcher or officer that responded. I have done it in past and I am more than just capable of doing it today.

I'm tellin' ya Jill, the State of Florida's main witness in the case against me (Theresa Isaacs is one of her many names) actually called the police to her home over 160 times in 2 1/2 years. I had access to each and every report by responding law enforcement and chose a selection by title and date. The stack of reports I picked is over two-inches thick and some of the more interesting reading I have ever come across, and that says much. By the time I finished reading all of that crap, I knew Theresa better than her own mother did. Of course the relevant documents were submitted in discovery in my case and trial.

Of course I ran such a search via the relevant sheriff's office on many so-called witnesses involved in my case. What was not submitted in discovery helped me follow a trail of investigation anyway. All of it is relevant as it is in this current situation.

So now Jill Kelley has publicly accused Paula Broadwell of crimes (i.e. being a criminal and a stalker). Lawsuit worthy indeed! My more recent nasty cop caller that I am currently contending with in the "Forum Fiasco" post needs to take note. See how nice I am by not including the information that I could include? Meanwhile you threaten to sue Amazon if they do not get my post removed. LOL

To the nasty cop callers of the world, everyone is a stalker. They think they can make-up anything in the world and cops will crawl to their rescue, charging the innocent with only their word. Well, not all cops, apparently; just the Orlando MBI. Did anyone read my post yesterday on the Jill Kelley and Natalie Khawam fiasco? If you read the story linked, you'll understand the reference:

What I find amazing is that even with a sister that's an attorney, Jill Kelley is clueless as to public record laws in Florida and in the US. Now your emails are media fodder:

I think Jill missed the statement from the FBI that cleared Broadwell on any sort of federal charge in relation to the semi-offensive anonymous emails. The statement was not binding, but it was obvious to the agents that read the few emails than none fit any sort of criteria for criminal charges. You have worked yourself into a frenzy over something created in your warped mind Jill. 

Paula Broadwell has more class than Jill Kelley has had her entire life in her little finger and coming from me, the anti-war blogger, that should drive a point.

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